Sunday, July 29, 2007

This Is A Twin Thing ...

Following up on my latest rambles two Aussie Ad campaigns came to mind that were really memorable and on a world class standard. firstly the ongoing Tooheys beer commercials and secondly the Extra Gum series being created by the Design / Film / Motion guys of TWiN australia. check em out HERE.


Its work like this that makes you realise we don't have to leave Oz to find the most talented artists on the Globe. ahhh still so far to go.
more soon.

Its Alive ... ALIVE!

Unpacked, all painted out, net connection on board, ADSL2 .... things are all good.
recently got sent an email with a rather eye catching advertisment attached, really niffty stuff for the Sci Fi Channel in the states. kinda blew me away to think a) this kind of eye candy can be created now days and look so real and alive b) how much Australian airtime do we waste watching piss poor advertisments of ..... hell i cant even think of any. im sure i will. give me a second.

feast ye' eyes ..
UNI monday: things are rolling for december :)
click and enjoy some youtube goodness.

alec will remember this one :)

must watch!

banned in japan

Monday, July 23, 2007

This Is My Life ...

DAY 05.

The clouds are clearing, the suns coming up and all is on the road to completion. the whole weekend was a mission to just settle into this house and sort out my things before UNI kicks in. Saturday was spent purchasing extra furniture and then trying to a) navigate back home missing any rain, and b) actually fitting things into the rooms they're intended to go into. ... :)

As it stands we have the first coat of paint up and look to complete things by tues / wed for me to rebuild the giant mechano set that is my office / workspace / sleeping quarters. many thx to Rich and his mate who helped me out big time on Saturday morning, loading a desk and moving things round. thx also to my Ol' Man, El Viejo Sabio for the loan of his transport ... mucho gracias amigo's

oh ... did i mention how much my arm feels like its about to fall off due to over painting? lol.
take care all. should get a net connection back up in a week. .... sweet, and if anyone can buy me POLICE tickets you will be worshiped for all of eternity ... ok maybe a day or two :) alas im still saving my pennies for a certain band that will return to the big brown land in Nov / Dec. eyes peeled. Sting, catch ya next time you can play a bigger venue tiger ..

Dream Last ...

I Shall Return ...

Brain Food ... B.Wood

Thursday, July 19, 2007

DAY 01.

Hi to all, if you havent caught up lately then heres the low down. ive recently moved from East Perth to the outer Swan Valley suburb of Caversham. Mark bought a house and im renting, we moved through the week and are now officially out in "the burbs".

the house has its good's and bad's but all up its just a pain in the ass to move all you have, in 2 days and then try and get it back in order so that your normal life can continue. this is made more difficult by the fact that before i can unpack and resume .... anything, i have to paint 3 bedrooms, previously occupied by kids who felt the need to cover every single wall with the brightest of neon cotton candy colours, and have wallpaper strips running all the way around. excuse me while i begin to swear loudly ..... .... ..

so, i paint, i paint some more, i try and think of some good times, i paint some more, i unbox some more. please excuse me for a week or so if i owe you freelance work or emails. trust me it aint happenin anytime soon. the apple is still very much boxed up. not only do i not have a phone line, internet connection, I DON'T EVEN HAVE GAS YET TO COOK WITH OR TO HAVE A HOT SHOWER!
DAY 01.

but eh, look on the bright side .... im closer to the world famous "Caversham Wildlife Park" ...

Cheech offered to paint the back patio ... how could i refuse ?

PS. anyone know a good safe way to take off a wallpaper strip border from walls before repainting a room? Bunnings here I come. more updates from works internet connection whilst still possible.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Look To The Skys For The Truth ...

These stories are a dime a dozen now days, with every man and his dog having access to a digital camera or camera phone, and willing to snap away at any dot in the sky and claim its unidentifiable. but this seems different, this is on another level, and following on from the Roswell anniversary post, could this be the next big leap we take into full E.T disclosure?

What im talking about is the latest flurry of UFO sightings in the states, of what appear to be a giant mechanical flying object, not your typical saucer shaped UFO, but rather a disturbingly abstract flying craft which seems more alien than anything we've ever seen in our night sky. (view the images as we go along) usually i dont like to jump on these band wagons because its like pandoras box, you start to document one, and sure enough, your documenting 50 weird cases by the end of the week.

So why have i latched onto this one? because the pieces to the puzzle are revealing something of a bigger picture, and the rabbit hole seems deep with this one. tagged by many journalists as the "Drone" UFO incidents, this story first came to my eyes round early June. late into the game i checked out what i could and immediately thought of the story to be fake from my initial glances of the photos from "eye witnesses", showing images of crafts in the sky, too strange to be real, and easily dismissed as photoshop material.

But a little digging proved there's more to this story, and as usual i'd like to think my open eyes and open thoughts allow an unclouded judgement to prevail, im not saying this is 100% real, im just saying view all the evidence so far as i have and think about the possibilities. as this story progressed, mainly from Coast to Coast AM updates and investigative reports from Linda Moulton Howe ( things began to become less fake and very realistic. i'll try not to ramble on too much here as its easy to get carried away with so much information coming to light. to sum up the situation is this ....

Over the past months various eye witness's around the states have begun to report and photograph what appears to be a flying object (not saucer shaped) massive in size, silent and floating. the craft, tagged as "the Drone" is made up of conjoined parts which seem like bits from a scrap yard junk sale, appearing incapable of flight let alone passenger transportation. with various sightings and photographs being documented online and on air, suddenly out of nowhere comes Isaac, an alias for someone who claims they are from a classified government organisation, who through the 80s, worked on alien technology that now appears to be involved with these Drone sightings. now if your interested i urge you to go on and do a bit of investigating yourself, read up from the links provided, download Isaac's documents, form your own conclusions, and like me watch for developments, because you know the 6 o'clock news will never showcase this.

So how close are we to the truth? or is this just another fake story to sweep under the rug. your thoughts are welcomed, i'll try and keep up with this one as it expands. eyes peeled.

CHAD'S REPORT: Strange Craft
ISAAC DOCUMENTS: Full Disclosure Here?

EARTHFILES: Scroll Down for Full Reports

BTW ... why hasnt Isaac's site gone down yet? or would that just fuel the truth fire ....

60 Years On ...

To the well informed this is rather old or delayed news, and i just havent had the time to post something up about it for a while, but if your unaware, July 8th marks the 60th anniversary of the day the world changed. the day E.T had a bit too much space juice and ran his new XT-1000 into the hills of Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Yup, 60 years on, have we gotten any closer to knowing what really happened on that day in July 1947? for the western world this sole incident marked the turning point for the creation and ongoing intervention of governments, military and covert organisations in shutting down the UFO and Extra Terrestrial phenomena as we know it. from this day onwards we realised we were not alone, and that something out there not only posed an unidentifiable threat to us, but also no longer were we on top of the food chain.

Its times like these i think of Col. Philip Corso's reports of the incident and military interventions. the coverups and later military funded black op developments of alien technology for the military and industrial complex. the creation of secret organisations to shut down every UFO encounter or incident which may open the publics eyes to the lies and deceptions.

think of where we would be today without those alien technologies, and then think what they've held back from us? and why. the biggest eggs in the basket as far as i can see would be antigravity and a free energy source. i'll make no bones about it in terms of i feel we already know about these technologies and the powers that be have locked them away in the x-file cabinet.

can you imagine a world where we are no longer dependent on oil? fossil fuels? pollution? where with a flick of a switch we can be freed from our earthly surrounds, where the stars are just round the corner? a world where we finally realise we are not alone, we are one humanity, exploring the galaxy and our purpose? .... but then again where's the profit in that world? remember the lessons of Roswell.

WIKI: Roswell Incident
ROSWELL: Basic Facts
BOOK: The Day After Roswell

"I Want To Believe"

"We face a hostile ideology"

Recently watched a doco which linked into a few things ive been reading and seeing lately regarding JFK, Bobby and Roswell Technologies. yeh i know thats a pretty random set of dot points to go on but eh, thats what Coast to Coast is like ... lol.

Anyway a piece came up somewhere mentioning the rise of the "Industrial Military Complex" since WWII etc, and the last speech given by Dwight D. Eisenhower (president of the USA, 53-61, between Truman and JFK) as i watched and listened to this speech given in 61, the hairs literally stood up on the back of my neck. we and the powers to be have always known the road we are walking on, this state of chaos we find ourselves in today regarding terrorism, the middle east, military black budgets, etc etc, its nothing new. we were warned, and the good men who stood to make a difference, who wouldn't be swayed by under handed plots, bribes, or threats were silenced. i think its important to look back for a second and realise we find ourselves in such a mess because we've let the puppets run the show for too long, without questioning the warnings given.

On January 17, 1961, Eisenhower gave his final televised Address to the Nation from the Oval Office. In his farewell speech to the nation, Eisenhower raised the issue of the Cold War and role of the U.S. armed forces. He described the Cold War saying:
"We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method..."
, and warned about what he saw as unjustified government spending proposals and continued with a warning that
"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex... Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."

and yet what are we left with today, governments chosen and funded by Industrial Corporate and Military organisations. Elements which then say how high to jump and the man with the golden pen in the oval office signs the deeds of war. whilst our sons and daughters die, the players behind the scenes control the flow of money, power, influence and the future growth of nations. is there any chance of cutting those strings now? or as Eisenhower and JFK warned, have we already gone too far ...

chew the fat, while i move boxes and reset up the office and my deluxe suite at the Hilton.... i mean Swan Valley lol. :) peace all.

WIKI: Eisenhower Facts

1952 ELECTION: State Numbers
WIKI: Military Industrial Complex (background)

On The Road Again ...

Well this week is all about chaos.
finally packed up the unit and all its contents and im ready for the move, so as most of you can guess i'll be without a net connection for a week or so but i can still reach my email via work. the move is'nt that drastic, just 30mins down the road to the swan valley so its not like we're crossing state lines or anything :)

plan is to have everything complete by monday arvo, move most of the boxes in monday night and then let removalists move the rest of the heavy goods like fridges and beds etc. .... thats the plan anyway, lets hope it goes that smoothly.

take it easy everyone, talk more from the new place, 3bed 2bath house, living on ground level will be interesting lol, btw ..... how good are some of those Budget packing tips eh. .... oh yeh btw, did i mention we're moving in the middle of the week and im working full time at the moment, not to mention rooms need to be repainted before i can even set my stuff backup .... chaos

Sunday, July 08, 2007


See now this is just the story I love, we live on this planet for so long and think we've seen it all, and then wammo, some deep sea pipline out in the middle of nowhere pulls up this thing ... the Octosquid ... we have explored so little of the alien worlds of our deepest oceans.

KITV-TV in Honolulu reports a creature that "has the body of a squid
and the tentacles of an octopus" was sucked up by a 3,000-feet-deep pipeline
at the Natural Energy Laboratory Hawaii Authority in Keahole on the Big Island of
Hawaii. The sea creature is going to University of Hawaii-Manoa scientists for study.

Image © 2007 by KITV/
Bring on Bigfoot next!! Now if you havent already seen it there's a bunch of new stories on go check em out, most notably for the CARET "dragonfly" UFOs. might post up something more on that soon.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bridge Building

Reading an article in my local street press the other day on Xavier Rudd, Aussie solo musician who employs folk, roots, acoustic and traditional musical stylings to create his own unique brand of smooth music. what struck me was how down to earth this bloke is and how much he embraces our native aboriginal culture and spirit, so much so as to perform under an aboriginal flag at his concerts, denouncing the union jack by saying "it doesn’t really mean or represent anything to me at all".

While there is some controversy surrounding the fact that Rudd plays in front of an Aboriginal flag, he says that he’s trying to help bridge the gaps between the two Australian cultures. “I think this country is an incredible gift. It’s such a powerful place. Such an ancient culture. I believe that spirit moves through all of us that spend time on this land.

Rudd believes that we simply have to build a bridge towards reconciliation. He feels it’s all about education, and all the negative points that have been brought up on a government level are almost a waste of time. On both sides of the fence there’s bitterness and a clash of the old ways versus the new and as such Aboriginal education should be included in all schools around the country.

"If people were more educated, if they knew the positive knowledge, previous to Captain Cook, about the land, spirituality, food, medicine, dating back over 200 years then the gap would definitely be closer to being bridged". Powerful thoughts, and it reminds us all to keep learning and exploring, there is this huge loss of ancient culture and understanding in our land, and its only reinforced by the one sided negative news reports of aboriginal misbehavior. And yet we seem to want to solve the problems by sending in police and army units to serve in these communities? we need to re-connect, open up and communicate.



CURRENT ALBUM : Food In The Belly

More Than Meets The Eye ...

Something is still stuck in my throat about this one ...
Its like a bad taste you just cant get rid of after enjoying a bucket full of toffee. you know it was awesome at the time, and yet you also knew it wasn't fit for human consumption.

recently went to see the new full motion, real life adaption of the animated cartoon, Transformers. (for those uninitiated to the life of a gen X'er in the 80s, Transformers was a huge cartoon and toy phenomena during the 80s, where giant robots would "transform" into any marketable machinery known to man) .... where to begin.

what we have here is hollywood and its boardroom fatcats coming up with the latest cartoon / comic ripoff to the silver screen. marketing something that is unoriginal, but guaranteed to succeed at the box office, because for 20 years prior, its been the love of every kid on the block in its cartoon and comic form.

so who do we have directing this carbon copy? none other than Michael Bay, the bad boy action director himself, so famous for his work on such movies as Armageddon, Bad Boys, The Rock, Pearl Harbor .... seeing a pattern anyone?

What's wrong with the movie you might say? well it depends how you like your toffee really. Bay was assigned to this project for one reason only. to make a huge action explosion and spend the studios dollars on pyrotechnics and not story-line. so if thats what you want, then its a ripper, showing the best example of CGI wizardry since some of the Lucas greats. the sad thing is to also witness this film from the otherside of the looking glass, from a marketing perspective. from the get go its just one big advertisement for the latest cars, phones, computers and americana SoCal lifestyle. and people just lap it up without question. I

In a time when we are all sending our youth off to fight in the middle east, Bay has secured the rights of the American Army to use the latest and greatest real life weaponry and machinery to showcase "just what its like to fight for the flag against the bad evil doing terrorists" people just dont get it ... they might as well have just had a voice over during the film saying "Your nations army needs you today, Sign up and play with our toys, dont worry about killing people, just have fun"

But as with 99% of these "comic book ripoff" films these days, i came away just thinking, you can give me all the eye candy in the world, but your still failing to present that magic of its original medium. Not to mention the dangerous path we are on, as the only movies these days being funded are 20 year old kids stories, whilst the creative minds producing original scripts are tossed to the side as "unmarketable"

support creative independent films where you can. support the future in cinema, and dont fall for the bright lights and plastic faces.

TRANSFORMERS : The Movie 2007