Monday, March 17, 2008

Y Entonces Comienza

And so it begins ...
been kinda burnt out on work as of late, hence the no show here and there. but over the last week im hitting the books once again to plan this great escape come July. i heard a great chinese proverb today, you know those two line sayings that, for a second just seem to sum up the universe? or aleast the last 24 hours of your life...

"There is a time to fish, and there is a time to mend your nets....."

yup, i think that just kicks it right there, just meditate on that one for a second. that reminds me, i flicked over to Mike Giants blog the other day and he posted a piece on meditation. and i quote ...

"Concentrate on your breath. Just try it. As you breathe in, say "breathing in" in your mind. As you breathe out, say "breathing out". Really try to feel the air moving in and out of your body. In, out. In, out. As thoughts arise, note them, and try to let them go. For example, if you notice that you're thinking about something that happened in the past, note the thought as "the past" and go back to your breath. As thoughts arise, note them and let them go, and return to the breath. Simple as that.

During your practice, it's important that you don't get judgmental about your thoughts. When you notice that you've been distracted, don't allow your mind to chastise your lack of attention. Sometimes you'll get lost in a thought process for a long time. Don't trip. Just smile, relax, and go back to your breath.

i tried this out recently and it totally smacked me the instant i did it, i mean for an instance i was able to just zone in, hear the other noises floating in the distance, feel the breeze, and it just made me appreciate the day in 10 minutes, maybe 10 seconds, who knows.
so point is, life is screaming past me at 100miles, so i think im just trying to slow it down for a second before i actually hit mexico, belize, guatamala, north america, canada, germany, singapore and perth. more to post soon on the holiday planning. so far the tickets are officially booked. researching lodgings in Tikal and Palenque. Miguel, ..... add Melbourne on there will ya? i expect cold Corona's when i turn up.

Mike's Blog

Saturday, March 01, 2008


As most of you would know, i've recently joined the team over at iNK Design, a small focused agency based here in Perth. first off i'd just like to extend a huge thankyou to Craig, Brett, Ian and the crew for having me aboard. im eager to learn and feel this is a fantastic stepping stone to join the industry. i hope you can bare with my rough university edges for awhile whilst i settle into the frame of "real world design".

Craig, cheers for the first week mate, i appreciate not getting the boot after 5 hours on the job. just kidding. really looking to the new learning curve, and your honesty and flexiblity has been great.

to everyone else along the way, im still freelancing if you need my design services along the road. feel free to contact me, and i can see what i or iNK can offer you and your business.