Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Weeks Dose Of BS !

In all the instances of complete bull$%@t! coming from the mass media these days, this article just takes the cake. if this aint 50s corporate propaganda, forcing us to watch out for the boogie men and act like good girls and boys, then i dont know what is..... SMH News Story :

"Cinema 'Cops' Deploy Night Vision Devices"

In response to an increase in pirated movie recordings coming out of Australia, the copyright police are patrolling cinemas with night vision devices - and it's not just commercial pirates they're after. Movie studios are providing the scopes to cinema ushers across the country and "training them in how to spot people illegally taping films using camcorders and even mobile phones.

After Village Roadshow successfully implemented the technology to prevent pirated copies of The Dark Knight making their way on to the internet, 20th Century Fox has adopted it for Baz Luhrmann's "Australia", which opens today.

* ok firstly, "increase in pirated movie recordings coming out of Australia" ? last time i checked we are near last on the world scale for actually having movies appear in cinemas on debut world wide, this too goes for DVD releases. hence .... everyone knows that if you want to see a flick, you download the version that came out in the states 3 weeks ago and has been on the web way before any 12 year old gets a chance to whip out his mobile in an ozzie cinema.

Neil Gane, director of operations at the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), said the night vision scopes would be deployed at the majority of the 304 Australian cinemas. He said the film industry had become concerned over the past few months as "a number of big name movies that were the first to appear on the internet have been forensically matched to cinemas in Australia".

He would not name the movies, citing ongoing investigations, but said that, for a number of years, movie studios had been adding "unique forensic markers" to film prints distributed to theatres.

* wait a second .. "forensically matched to cinemas in Australia" ? your not seriously falling for this one are ya? wake up and smell the coffee already. this is pure and utter crap, dreamt up by organisations who are government funded, and would rather spend billions in protecting the latest release of "Australia" by spilling a scare tatic news story in the Herald.

come on, we all know where to get our new release movies. it aint from Australia, and it surely aint from a kid saving it on his 3 mega pixel phone cam. the sad thing is, most of the time the TS releases of "cinema films" from overseas appearing on the net are actually recorded in the projection booths by employees on debut night. what i would like to know is who creates organisations like the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), and how do they keep people employed?

* slowly going the way of the stars and stripes. watch out for those CCTV cams, you might be caught over thinking your reality, and thats gotta be a crime.

What a crock of "scare tactics 101" how about they fund Cinema seat repairs instead of this trash. Digital downloads just keep eating away at their greedy pockets, and yet they still fail to grasp the concept. embrace the internet and deliver us digital movies at a reasonable cost, when i want, and with no DRM restrictions. i'll pay for whats worth my dollar, minus the 12 year olds throwing popcorn.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Starts With One ...

I started hearing about the "missing feet" incidents on the western BC, Canadian shores around the start of this year. not paying too much attention. we travelled through Vancouver earlier this year and id have to say all went well. the place felt safe. now i wonder, was it such a smart thing for me to have been walking alone through Stanely park for 3 hours? the mind boggles, as the seventh severed human foot has now been discovered around the Canadian coast. the mystery deepens.

THE CANADIAN PRESS : RICHMOND, B.C.— A couple walking their dogs along the banks of British Columbia’s Fraser River made what appears to be the latest in a series of gruesome discoveries of a running shoe with a severed foot inside. It’s the seventh such find inside a shoe along the West Coast from Georgia Strait to the northwestern tip of Washington State since August 2007.

RCMP Const. Annie Linteau confirmed Wednesday that remains were inside a left-foot New Balance runner spotted the previous day, but said it would be some time before the B.C. Coroner’s office could confirm if the remains are human.

Ken Johnson and his wife spotted the shoe while walking their dogs Tuesday along the Fraser River in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond. Police have determined that two of the seven feet - one found Feb. 8 on Valdez Island and the other found June 16 off Richmond - are a match. DNA testing linked one foot to a depressed man who disappeared in 2007 but the other remains have not been identified.

ok ok, the comic strip is in there for pure laughs. ... kinda reminds me of a mix of an X-Files + Fargo + Northern Exposure episode.... gone wrong


War Is Over, If You Want It ....

A group of pranksters handed out more than 1.2 million fake New York Times newspapers mainly in New York City and Los Angeles on Wednesday with a front page story declaring "Iraq War Ends". The elaborate 14-page edition, dated July 4, 2009, is said to be the work of a group called the Yes Men, whose previous hoaxes include masquerading as World Trade Organisation officials announcing they were disbanding the body.

"It is fake and we are looking into it," said New York Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis.

A statement sent from a website set up for the fake edition,, said creating the newspaper took six months and that it was printed at six different presses and then given to thousands of volunteers to distribute.

"We've got to make sure Obama and all the other Democrats do what we elected them to do," Bertha Suttner, identified as one of the newspaper's writers, said in the statement. "After eight, or maybe twenty-eight years of hell, we need to start imagining heaven."

One side of me cries saying, yeh stick it to em, make em think.... the other side of me wonders, is this the best we can friggin do nowdays? what attention does this really get. then again, i guess we're all too comatose to even care.


Been A While ...

Been a while i know. truth is it both feels like a year has passed, and then only 36 hours in the same breath. time is just bending. truth is i really havent felt like posting much here because, there hasnt been much change for me, yet everything else is moving. i still hear that sound, every now and then.

Taking each day one rise at a time. somedays i think im just going to solve it all, somedays i know its all spun round already. somedays the leg feels like it was better than the last. somedays i wonder if it will ever be right. if i will ever be able to fix it. then i remember where i was 4 weeks ago. 8 weeks ago.

For now my only concern is walking. full stop. ive worried about other things for too long. i just dont have the energy or patience anymore, right now. i need to get back to where i was, before i can move, and right now that seems reasonable. to those that stop by here still, thanks, you know who you are, and you know your the ones that matter. im trying to push more these days so come back, there will be more news. moving house. new jobs, old jobs, new travel adventures. maybe's

glad the summers here.