Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pre Jetset

What's happening?
No im not off country yet. ive just been living in a fish bowl for the last month and havent surfaced for air. reading, searching, planning the holiday. really hard to do with so many real life distractions. all is racing down fine though and this should mark the first of many posts rapidly leading to the departure and return of Don Q.

Quick recap.
Holiday is all go. 30th June - August 7th. Perth - Auckland - LA - Cancun - Merida - Uxmal - Palenque - Flores - Tikal - Cancun - San Fransico - San Diego - Vancouver - Whistler - Frankfurt - Singapore - Perth. ..... and CUT>

Now a long deserved reply to the Great M. i hope you post and read regularly in the coming weeks. your thoughts and inputs are true treasures. cheers.

"I kinda have a bee in my bonnet where i just feel that time is really shorter than we all feel it to be." Synchronicity or what?! And I’m not even being cynical. But around my late twenties that same “bee” visited and has never left. No reason, no rhyme just that “bee”. Do all humans get this “bee” or is it isolated to a few? Please refresh my aging memory when do you leave for Mexico? What is it about Mayan, history/ Culture civilisation that attracts you? I'm really interested to know. Miguel."

Well. where do i begin to answer a question, when there is no final answer. simple. we ramble for a bit, and hopefully splutter out some logical thoughts in the process hehe. What is it about Mayan culture that attracts me? interesting ... something i ask myself almost everytime i pick up a book, article, website on the subject. i can't look away. i have to delve in and absorb.

As a whole im really sucked into the "South American native Indian" cultures. the Aztecs - Olmecs - Mayans - Incas and the wide varieties of cross pollinations between and through the ages. it began with a high school geography project in which i had to research Aztec civilizations. Egypt was taken by another student .... so i picked the "dudes who created the other pyramids". boy did i fall head into a world of fascination. now moving on, having seen and read alot, i really find this branch of ancient people to be one of the most relevant for our times. a culture searching for higher answers, falling to the tides of war and being shattered by drought, population growth and environmental degradation. and yet rooted in a mythical timeline that ..... runs out in 4 years. not to mention at the heart of it all, i really fell in love with the architecture of the regions, pyramids and fortresses, engulfed in the vivid forests and lowlands. .... who wants to journey out to the deserts ? yeh i'll get there when they finally lift that Sphinx's paw and give me the truth to Atlantis.

I digress Miguel. this is a subject i can only ramble on so much in a digital format. we must converse over a cold beverage or two. soon. sooner than you expect. later than you wish. but eventual. stay healthy and positive. eyes peeled.

Next up, detailed plans. comments welcomed.

"Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we're going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities: the political, the religious, the educational authorities, who have attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations. Informing, forming in our minds their view of reality." TL.