Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pay TV ...


"The enigmatic Lost returned to US screens almost two weeks ago, yet in Australia the Seven Network is still spruiking it as "returning in February". So much for last season's efforts to screen each episode of Lost in Australia within a few days of it airing in the US.

Fast-tracking was clearly an attempt to win back viewers who illegally download DVD-quality episodes of Lost from the internet each week. Ironically, many of these people were probably driven to piracy after they missed an episode of their favourite show because the networks constantly screw around with their schedules.

The apparent failure of fast-tracking would support my theory that people don't download shows like Lost because they want to see it before it screens in Australia, they download them because they're sick of the contempt the networks show for their viewers."

Well said, but still too late. once you've had a taste of freedom, you don't give it up easily. it's much more enjoyable to watch your favourite shows, without advertising, whenever you want, at your leisure to suit your lifestyle. then again, Conroys coming to change all that aint he.

Casi AllĂ­ ...

And to think i actually tried to stand on this, to check "if the leg was ok". 12 months to go and it will be out. think i'd rather have the metal out than risk cancerous tissue build up when im 40.