Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Internet Is About To Be Filtered, By Your Government, Educate Yourself...

"We've never seen anything like the avalanche Stephen Conroy has generated."

This is how Tony Jones opened last night's episode of Q&A on ABC TV. Thousands of GetUp members sent in their questions about internet censorship to be answered by Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy. The ensuing debate is still making waves in the media.

Last night's Q&A show was Senator Conroy's first major media appearance to discuss the Government's misguided internet censorship plans. But it raised more questions than it answered.

The Senator set off alarm bells when he disclosed that a "technical error" had resulted in PG-rated material being blacklisted, and that the proposed internet filter would miss crucial peer-to-peer content. It's time the Government is held to account for it's misguided internet filter.

Take a moment and educate yourself about the current trial of internet censorship taking place in Australia, soon to be implemented and expanded from April onwards. If your stance on the matter, like mine, is that this poses a massive threat to our rights of free speech and self regulation and education, then do something about it. Become informed, educate others and make a stand. Take a moment to view the Q and A episode below on the ABC website. follow the news and articles mentioned, and start to make your voice heard. Waiting for this to simply "go away" will leave Australia in the dark ages, destroy our internet infrastructure, and force the very topics we are legitimately concerned about to seep into a black market underground.







Monday, March 16, 2009

infrequent? yes. dead, never!

After all the devastation that was the last month of Australian Bushfires, particularly round Melbourne and its outer regional zones, i often came back to the thought, we feel so deeply, but does giving away $100 into a charity fund actually help? both ways i mean. does it lead you to be less depressed at whats gone on, and more importantly, after giving away that money, will you remember that feeling of goodwill long after the action? or will it just jog your memory when you claim it back on tax?

I then came across this great piece of art, a limited run of screenprinted posters that are on sale to raise awareness and funds for the bushfire appeals. what a great idea. i mean, take one look at that and tell me you don't feel something, anything. what an ace print, and something you can look back at and go, "Yeh i bought that for a reason".

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Tyler Stout and have decided to help out by releasing a new version of “Welcome Home”, Stout’s classic art print from 2005. This version features an all-new color scheme which includes four glow in the dark inks. It’s a 16″x 24″screenprint, the price will be $50. Half of all profits will be donated directly to the Australian Red Cross’ Brushfire Appeal Fund. These will be released on Monday, March 16th at 12pm CST, and will be available for 48 hours, ending Wednesday, March 18th at 12pm CST