Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blood Moon ...

Views of tonight’s rare lunar eclipse have been hampered by heavy cloud in the Perth metropolitan area. However views of the spectacular red moon have already been captured in the nation's east and New Zealand. The eclipse was expected to turn the moon a vibrant copper colour and reports have rolled in of brilliant scenes around Australia, however so far Perth residents have missed out on the spectacular.

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Searching for something. what i don't know. answers i guess. to what questions? only a few have been asked. XXVI cycles. searching, looking, digging, creating, waiting. deviating from the road once or twice, filling up and pushing onwards.

Reminding myself that im that much closer. seems this year is flying and soon to be at the end, so i'll make a wish. to enjoy the seconds and not the minutes. realising that this is all fleating and i need to step back every second or two. break ... now run again.

Thanks to all of you that have helped along the way, forever in your debt. i heard a phrase the other day from a woman who had just opened her own business. "So when does this get fun?" then i thought, well if you reach the end, "the fun" aint it just over? isn't getting to "the fun" the good part. should that be enjoyed? or not. and so we journey on .... she said, old soul. i like that thought. been around the bend maybe. maybe not. maybe just more tuned to the level. the level we cant taste, touch, see, feel or hear. but to connect ... the masks dont usually fall away too often. today, maybe for a second, they needed to.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sharks Have Fingers Too Ya Know ....

The basic process for developing fingers and toes in land animals may have existed for more than 500 million years in shark genes, according to a new study. Researchers identified genetic activity in spotted catsharks embryos that signal the creation of digits. The discovery pushes back the date of the evolutionary "fin to limb" advance by some 135 million years.

Limb development, which happens in the fetal stage of all limbed animals, is driven by the so-called Hox gene. The early stage of the Hox gene expression regulates the development of limbs down to the forearm and shin. The later phase is responsible for forming fingers and toes. "It has long been thought that fish fins exhibit only the early wave of Hox expression..." Cohn told National Geographic News.

One step closer to growing those shark fins :) i love these creatures ... always have. I need to learn how to scuba dive pronto. hehe.

SOURCE: National Geographic
SHARK: images

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Dark Knight ...

Larger Resolution shots of these have been cleared from the net in swoop by the film studio responsible for the new Batman movie : The Dark Knight. so im posting versions i found lying around the place, scattered for the hunters. it just makes me laugh because this IS EXACTLY WHAT WARNER BRO'S WANTED! ....

wake up people. its hype viral marketing and its worked so well before. the more they play up the shots as "not for general viewing" the more people are just gonna rush out and swarm the net to find these images. priming up the movie with excitment. considered why the shots are professionally taken? 1+2 =3.

here's 18.
personally, im a big fan of Nolans interpretations, and Bale's reworking. now Ledger is going to be the breaking point here as the Joker. can he pull it off and become a true homage to the graphic novel equivelants? i truely hope so. plus he's killing it in those socks aint he? i want a pair.

Dark Knight opens 2008, July. for those who still think this is a 60s teen comic book, kiddies movie. dig a little deeper. The Long Halloween. Arkham Asylum. true interpretations. from great artists. so i'd love to say this is a finger in the air to the studios trying to stop these pics getting out .... but its what they wanted all along.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Destruction is Creation ....

Martin Klimas destroys a lot of clay to make his art. Combining the silence of Eadweard Muybridge’s horse pictures with the association-rich composition of a still life, Klimas breaks recognizable objects so they become something else, and stops us just at the moment of transformation.

I wonder, when you look at your own finished work, do you see what you’ve just destroyed, or what you’ve made from the transformation?

The aspect of destroying is not the most important one in my work. Let’s say it is a catalyst to unleash and study this transformation. The hardest part of my work is to smash so many figurines until I find one that truly is showing me something new. I am in that sense a sculptor, but I have only a 5000th of a second to build my sculpture.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Year Later ...


Close to a year ago, (August 27th) I had just comenced a world trip which would begin in Lima, heading later for the Andes and Machu Picchu. Today its widespread news that Coastal Peru was hit by a massive 7.9 earthquake with the risk of tidal waves. Best wishes and safe thoughts go out to the people of Peru and the locals we met along our way. now if only LA would follow suit and slide into Arizona Bay. Wishful thinking.
"Hundreds dead in Peru earthquake"

A strong earthquake and at least four aftershocks have struck off the central coast of Peru. At least 350 people have been killed and 200 injured in the southwestern cities of Ica and Pisco. Alan Garcia, Peru's president, sent condolences to the families of the earthquake's victims and said the country, which has suffered devastating earthquakes in the past, narrowly escaped a major disaster.


One Minute At A Time ...

Headspace as of 5:55AM Aug 16th.
Lyrics from a Movie soundtrack that speak so true lol. if you've never seen Fight Club, run to the videostore. just try and avoid the PA system announcments they have on now days ... "Piracy affects us all ... Keep your community safe and make BlockBuster aware of your concerns." .. i kid you not, thats what i heard the other day at my local store. i burst out laughing and walked out thinking ....

you cant fool me, finger in the air.

This is your life Good to the last drop
It doesn't get any better than this
This is your life and its ending one minute at a time

This isn't a seminar This isn't a weekend retreat
Where you are now You can't even imagine what the bottom will be like
Only after disaster can we be resurrected
Its only after you've lost everything that you are free to do anything
Nothing is static Everything is evolving
Everything is falling apart

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake
You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else
We are all part of the same compost heap
We are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world

You are not your bank account
You are not the clothes you wear
You are not the contents of your wallet

I say evolve, and let the chips fall where they may.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Step 01: Control Media. Step 02: Control the Minds

Been quiet as of late, coming months will be super busy with the lead up to the final year exhibit. This recent news came to my attention via Bens Blog and i just had to post it. Read on for details.

A live Internet broadcast of Pearl Jam's performance at Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival Sunday went off without a hitch -- until singer Eddie Vedder criticized President Bush.

Lyrics critical of the president didn't make it past editors of the show's Webcast, the band complained Wednesday on its Web site.

When asked about the missing performance, AT&T informed Lollapalooza that portions of the show were in fact missing from the webcast, and that their content monitor had made a mistake in cutting them.

During the performance of "Daughter" the following lyrics were sung to the tune of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" but were cut from the webcast:

- "George Bush, leave this world alone." (the second time it was sung); and
- "George Bush find yourself another home."

This, of course, troubles us as artists but also as citizens concerned with the issue of censorship and the increasingly consolidated control of the media.

AT&T's actions strike at the heart of the public's concerns over the power that corporations have when it comes to determining what the public sees and hears through communications media. Aspects of censorship, consolidation, and preferential treatment of the internet are now being debated under the umbrella of "NetNeutrality."

Even the ex-head of AT&T, CEO Edward Whitacre, has stated just last March that fears his company and other big network providers would block traffic on their networks are overblown. "Any provider that blocks access to content is inviting customers to find another provider." (Marguerite Reardon, Staff Writer, CNET News.com Published: March 21, 2006, 2:23 PM PST).

But what if there is only one provider from which to choose? If a company that is controlling a webcast is cutting out bits of our performance -not based on laws, but on their own preferences and interpretations - fans have little choice but to watch the censored version.

What happened to Pearl Jam this weekend should be viewed as a wake up call, and it's about something much bigger than the censorship of a rock band. Wake up people. Inform yourself, and fight for your rights.

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PJ : Activism

Saturday, August 04, 2007

QEE .. not KEY

Sup. things are rolling and fast, all my UNI work seems to just have been lumped all into my lap with the catch phrase ... " this is your work, now feel free to work on everything all at once" lol. ahhh! the great thing is it seems there are some really nice projects to do for this semester, diverse and strange and also your general corporate angled things. ... i know im making no sense but give me a break its 7AM on a Saturday.

Qee Doll : designer vinyl toy.
we get to design grfx for one this semester.
can the kids say ... Super Cool!

Big two sixer coming up. um yeh, can i take 5 of them back already :) time going too fast. feel free to order me a special QEE, or DUNNY or MUNNY.