Monday, May 28, 2007

Perry ..

Just got through reading an interview on Perry Farrell, lead singer of the now disbanded, Janes Addiction and current front man to his new project, Satellite Party. organiser and founder of the famous Lollapalooza music festival in the states. one passage stood out and i thought it belonged here .... some great thinking.

Xpress News: Your concept of ‘Solutionists’ and the band (Satellite Party) going out into the world as that, is very interesting. Can you describe it?

Perry: Well The Solutionists are the many, those that toil for the fortunate few. We feel that in the Revolution Solution the concept of the individual is the most important aspect in generating the revolution. I really think it’s a very realistic viewpoint because it used to be that countries going into other countries was making a global community. It would be countries and religion.

And then it became the multination corporations that went into other countries and the global community got smaller. But now, this next version of the world shrinking the 3.0 version, is one of the individual making the big difference, and it’s through things like blogging and having websites and using the vote of the dollar, the dollar in ones pocket, that is going to create this great revolution. So in staying in touch with all these people and creating an interactive community, that’s going to be what the Revolution Solution is all about and based upon.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Life is flowing too fast to catch at the moment, just stopped in to say ive posted a few best of shots over at my flickr account. hop over and check em. not much that hasnt been seen here before ... but i thought i would shine the spotlight on flickr again, its such a great resource for quick entertainment and inspiration. and you will find if you participate in the community online, the world becomes very small .... all that matters is creativity.

also hop over to the latest "Australian Newspaper" blog entry from today. apparently the ABC has just bought the rights to screen the doco "The Great Global Warming Swindle". funny how ahead of time we are eh? never the less its fantastic to see this truth movement expanding and mainstream sources jumping at the chance to diversify their audience and their viewpoints. keep it up ABC and SBS. well ive got 4 weeks of Semester 01 of UNI left. time flys. thats half a year .... gone. so back to the spiderhole for a while, patience, more posts to come, more news on GT as well.

keep questioning. never settle.

FLICKR : snapfoxsnap
Australian Newspaper Blog : MUST READ

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Black Keys : Live and Direct

Date: Monday 14th May 2007
Place: Fremantle, WA
Time: 10PM
Who: The Black Keys

Recently returning from a gig in Freo, i thought i would post a quick recap of the show and how it all went down. Well to say the least, Perth (Fremantle to be more exact) was treated to a super fine performance from the greatest two piece band on the planet: The Black Keys!

The night was freezing, as winter had just kicked in and the port city was feeling the temperature drop. never the less we all came out in our droves to Sell Out the venue! good onya Perth. this is how we prove to these acts thats its worth their time coming over to the West Coast. we need to support them playing live. For a lonely duo to come all the way from Akron Ohio (middle of nowhere America) to play in little Freo is to be commended, and boy did they put on a show. thanks Dan and Pat for giving it your all.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Antz : Flickr

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Expliquer simplement les choses

To explain the things simply ...
I couldnt resist not posting these Ad campaigns from a Mexican Newspaper. I'm still chuckling at their simplicity. I found these over at "Half Days" : Flickr pics Its kinda weird because he's a French Advertising consultant, commenting in French, about a Mexican Ad, and now im translating it back in English. .... yet the Ads speak the same 1000 words on first glance.

Mexican daily newspaper :Milenio
Slogan: "A however complicated world requires an explanation"

Small Steps ..

Yeh im having a small break from the usual flurry of "Truth Movement" informative postings here, just for a post or two :) just thought i would quickly announce the birth of Guerilla Truth, another co owned blog and information source which im heading up with a close friend of mine in Perth.

Im not sure where Guerilla Truth will head, and if it will ever get out of the jungle so to speak, but for the mean time its a learning experience and enjoyable to do. Im initially thinking that Guerilla Truth will form the basis for my Truth Movement / Information Postings, ie everything I post here will be posted there for a more "non personal" audience to also interact with. my co-conspirator and I are trying to think ahead and set pre-emtive boundaries up for what could grow as an organisation here in Perth or anywhere else. It may not go anywhere, but at least at the end of the day i can say i got off my ass to stick my neck out. Other plans in the works include film nights and open mic nights. Anything to get this important information out to the mass's on a bigger scale.

So check us out over at Guerilla Truth
bookmark it and check for updates in the coming months. your support is welcomed. In the mean time I stride on as usual here, don't worry I'm not changing anything here or leaving!. Far from it. More soon, much love to all.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Winter Cleanout ..

Thought i would just do a bit of a winter cleanup, liven the place up visually. I've tweeked the layout and incorporated a new Graphic Header and Title. As I go the changes should better reflect this blog as a "personal space", open to all to view and comment.
Updates soon as I branch out, comments welcome on the changes. Talk soon.