Monday, November 06, 2006


this just made me chuckle for a full minute.
it therefore needed to be posted up here :)
it just reminds me of the semi rural backwater of Bakersfield in California. Summertime and see how americans can eat. we're talking plate fulls for a single serving of anything. it became clear why they are plagued with an increasing obesity level in young children and adults.

too much sugar. salt. chemicals.preservatives = your favourite Red and Yellow fast food chain. speaking of which, do yourselves a favour and check out the new movie out called Fast Food Nation. a fictionalised drama story about the truths of what really goes into those burgers we love so much. its been the catalyst for the golden arches to plague us with those bias tv ad campaigns about "making up your own mind" what a crock.




Sunday, November 05, 2006

Flickr Updates ...

Ive been messing around with Flickr lately to sync with my blog, allowing for me to post a whole bunch of photos to a wider audience and in a more open interaction format.

the link below is a direct link to my page. whole bunch of stuff going up there in the coming weeks. ie all holiday photos. bookmark and add comments.


for those not cultured in what exactly Flickr is? you need to step aboard, the Flickr train rocks. basically its a free outlet for anyone anywhere to post photos and interact with others over the images they post. think of it as an online photo album, accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime, but 100% controllable by YOU the user. you can restrict what people can see and do with anything you post. secondly as it develops, Flickr's interface grows. meaning it looks better and operates more simply.

Flickr homepage

what is Flickr?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not Just Any Old Toilet Paper Roll...

This is just one of those "What The Hell Where You Thinking Moments!!"

you have to wonder how this got past the board of directors with the rubber stamp of approval :) i mean whats next, seriously. an iPod waterproof holder for your shower? .... oh wait, thats already been done.