Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con Wrapup ....

So another year goes by and so does the 40th San Diego Comic Con. the four day long convention of epic proportion, where everything in pop culture entertainment is showcased to an audience in excess of 130,000 people and growing.

The Con started out as a mere Comic showcase with artists and publishers, but has now evolved into presenting everything from Hollywood blockbuster films, videogames, comics, artwork, sculpture, toys, merchandise and everything in between. blurring the lines to a huge degree.

Cheers to Trevor and Abby for all the local updates, as they managed to trek out there again this year round. it was great to follow their updates on the ground, remembering the efforts people have to go to, to actually see and do just about anything at the Con. we're talking 4am wakeups to be at the convention for 5am lineups to events that open at 9 / 10 and 11am. crazy stuff, but its kinda pain for pleasure, as you know, its all going to be worth it for that next 48hrs or 12 months. this was the case for me back in 08 when we got to see the extended first shots of Watchmen and Terminator. that set up so much anticipation for the theatrical releases back home. I missed being there this year so much, and im making plans for a return. if the money trees bloom alright this season. Trev, book me a spot!

So if you haven't caught the buzz yet, alot of stuff was announced and premiered. catch all the action over at IGN or G4. they seem to have the Con wrapped up pretty great with video and articles. quick standouts have to be the huge buzz around Avatar, the new movie from James Cameron (you remember the guy that made such small films as Titanic, Terminator 2, Aliens) Avatar has supposedly been in development for 15 years, filming for 4. its highly secretive and up until the Con, no one had seen anything of it, bar 3 or 4 still shots of characters (including the Aussie Sam Worthington). well 25 mins of it was shown to the 6000 strong Hall H crowd and by all accounts it was fantastic. its not only shot in 3D but is said to revolutionize the industry with use of CG and live action in ways we havent yet seen.

Next up was my second favorite film announcement in Tron Legacy. back in the day (1982) Tron was made for an audience that didnt even exist yet. way before its time, way before the term CG was even thought about, TRON was at the forefront of films developing computer graphic visual interrogations, when things like photoshop, maya, cinema 4d and wacom tablets didnt even exist. the general premise was filming a story inside a computer world, a digital data mirror of the real world identities (sound familiar to the Matrix circa 1999?) now in 2010, we go back to this world, and finally do it justice. Jeff Bridges returns, and if you havent seen the trailer teaser yet ...... go now! light cycles never looked so good.

Again this is being developed as an IMAX 3D film, which seems to be the latest bandwagon for film releases over the last 3 years. from all the talk, it clearly seems that the film industry is trying to evolve beyond what a movie goer can get at home via a BD player and large screen HDTV. but will it work? will it make the movie experience more jawdropping? or will it crush these new films in a failed techno bubble. we can only wait. but things are clear, the movies you know .... aint stayin that way for long.

Other points to note:
I find it extremely strange that so many people at this Con go ape crazy over other "stars" and entertainment idols, when really, what makes them any better than your average Joe. I mean, getting some hollywood airhead to sign a card for you.? what the hell is that about. its a freakin scribble on paper. i just don't get that envy thing, sure give up the respect to the talent that creates those great films, stories, artworks, but theres a line many cross to overvalue these actors, models, tv hosts. the most ironic thing is, for all the power these celebrities have, they're absolutely shit scared of walking out into that adoring fan crowd. do you ever see them on the show floor? ever see them walking into a crowd? absolutely not. watching a few blog posts from the G4 hosts, its clear theres a fine line between being there for the fans, and then truely being scared to interact with them.

Also : Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director, District 9) has dropped alot of weight, looking healthier but the hair is still fading away, and he refuses to acknowledge it. funny stuff. check the worlds worst frontal comb-over. Peter, we love ya mate, just get back to Weta and start on Evangeleon live action already!

Ok time to predict for next year. I think Batman 3 will feature. how heavily? we cant know for sure. but i think its time, and i think the studios will want to milk that cash cow sooner than later, with all the Marvel films coming out. will we see another terminator? another 300? Green Lantern im thinking, something new from Jackson and Weta. PS3 slim? add your 2cents.