Monday, June 26, 2006

the day you wished you brushed your hair ...

check that bloke to the left...
what the hell is up with that hair DUDE! seriously mate thats a comb over meets steven segal in under seige 2. get it clipped and checked out ...

i love random shots of crowds, i mean its like a giant wheres wally ... spot the idiot whos still having lunch as hes stepped off the bus. and whats with the 2 foot tall chick in the front ? still doesnt come close to mr "im so cool, ching ching, thumbs up, i might get lucky with my comb over"


AUST 02 - ITALY 01

we win .. they lose ..
its that simple. italy, come on, who are they any way? dont they eat pasta and kill people. they dont play football surely ... i'll see you all front and centre 11pm tonight for the greatest game in australian soccer history. GO THE ROOS!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

WARNING: post may contain balls

sup ...

well when world cup fever hits .... it really does hit eh?
it takes the theme of world cup violence to a new level. nevermind the english hordes invading the german cities, getting plastered and causing a riot with the townfolk .. oh no, theres more pressing dangers on hand. now if your not supporting the right branded team, watch out, NIKE has a plan to rule its power down on YOU!

** love to see the insurance form for this .. "it just fell from the sky, i knew i bought the wrong boots"

2 minutes past 1

in between watching the World Cup and typing i thought why not post a test pic.
Ben Templesmith is an artist i draw increasing inspiration from. he pushes his dark ideas out as images that dont quite fit into any other genre. are they complete works or just ....
what ever they are i love his style. "heres my work, rough guts and all"
pic included. .. hope this comes out right

1 minute past 1

ok, officially addicted now. .. .....
between this and flickr i can see why so many people are into this sorta thing. for one its free, no hassles, possible customisation, and fun .. still a few things to tweek here and there but all in all im pretty happy with the first drop in the pond.

or should that be seed in the field.
clue 002

and the clock struck 1


ok officially the first ever blog post by yours truely.
daughting yet exciting as im basically setting this up as a testing ground for a way to interact and communicate with people while im off on my adventure of a lifetime ..

que music and drumroll ....
not long now. more info to come in the coming weeks.
clue 001