Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get Up! : Internet Censorship

GetUp! It's decision time on internet censorship! This Friday our petition will feature in a massive newspaper ad. How many signatures will it have on it, that's up to you - add your name today to maximise the impact before the Government makes a decision!

It's decision time for the Government on internet censorship - with results from their flawed live trial due any day now. Now is the time to make it clear how deeply unpopular this scheme is.

You could be one of over 100,000 Australians to sign one of the largest petitions in our history. If that's not enough to make decision makers sit up and take notice, we're displaying our petition in a massive ad in The Australian this Friday. How many signatures will be on it? That's up to you.

Can you take a moment to tell your friends to add their name to yours today to maximise its impact? Simply forward the email below or click this link for more options:

We have to act fast - with serious question marks hanging over the integrity of the trials, the Government has indicated it will make an announcement before the end of this month.

The Government is admitting it has no criteria to determine if the trials of the scheme are a success, and refusing to disclose details of how they're being conducted. This leaves the door open to impose a scheme experts say simply won't work and will do little to prevent prohibited content.*

Few petitions in Australian history have ever hit the 100,000 signature mark. Your friends' signatures may push this one into the record books. Every new signature before Friday will make the total displayed in The Australian even larger - and it's a brave government willing to ignore such an outcry.

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