Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moby ...

Whale hunting. this is just one of those stories where its blatantly one sided, you know it is, you know it will always be that way, but yet it still tugs at the heart strings. in the past 2 weeks the japanese whaling operations occurring through the Asia Pacific region have drawn attention due to the extravagant protests by a few Greenpeace activists, namely boarding a whaling vessel and chaining themselves to the deck for 3 days.

is it just me or this the same merry-go-round we've been on since ... they banned whaling down in our southern Australian oceans ? we bitch and moan every time the Japanese and Norwegians go out for their annual harvests, but yet i can't help seeing nothing being done about it? not only that, i find it completely hypocritical of us to voice our opinions on what and what shouldn't be killed by .... anyone.

ok ok, these whales are endangered, almost extinct, yada yada, but last time i checked we were still killing our native coat of arms? yeh that furry thing we call a kangaroo. come on, whats the difference between slaughtering millions of head of cattle for prime beef, and hunting whales. both are sought for meat, purely and simply. and both are harvested with the same degree of cruelty, picked out from the environment, head lopped off, bleed and butchered into teeny weeny pieces for hungry humans. more than that, the japanese whaling industry has been rooted in the Japanese culture for over a century, so who are we to intervene like vegan saints all of a sudden when ... with one single glance, our backyard is just bloody as theirs.

i mean just reflect for a second, how would we feel if suddenly the japanese began flying aircraft over our farming communities, with the intention of stopping us from farming cattle, claiming that we were over polluting the region and aiding deforestation. they could make up any reason they wanted, a parallel to the "endangered species" bandwagon. imagine that, yeh ... we'd be pretty pissed off too. funny thing is i do agree that we should stop hunting endangered species, i just don't think we have any right to impose our views on other nations, and continually slander them in every westernised media outlet for it, whilst we commit offences of our own, in the eyes of others.


Cele said...

Well, now it has been some time since I have come across a westerner that feels the same as I do.... I was saying the exact same thing to your Dad only just the other day. And yes I do agree that the whales are the japanese staple diet, yes we need to look at our own back yard too. Well put.

SHAUN FOX said...

yeh our media just keeps going for that one sided soft spot everytime, im sick of it. we are all doing crappy things to fellow living creatures on this planet, endangered or not, we all need to look at our selves before we go telling other people what to do. plus ... come on, the japanese use 99.9% of all the whale, like we can say the same about our cattle? or battery hens? etc etc.


Diego said...

hmm intriguing indeed!
im in agreeance with you and also not at the same time i think, i think.

yea sure we kill kangaroos and the japs the whales... we should not operate at nation levels here, really shouldnt the planet run on more of a planet structure???? i think then there would be input from all angles on these sorts of things.
and as far as the whale killing anything is fine in moderation. or something along those lines! :)

SHAUN FOX said...

yeh i guess the point was to make you question just whats going on, and more to the point, what your force feed to believe in our media.

amen to running things more along the lines of a planet structure. i mean, beneath all that ocean, theres still land .... we're all from the same place, just with different weather :)

keep me up to date with your little one on the way mate. if ya wanna catch up some time, shout. i gotta seeya in the shop sometime as well :)


Anonymous said...

Amen to that, I couldn't have expressed it better myself.
You are what they eat.
Mexican Beef Export to Japan - First shipment (God help them!)
Italy detects latest case of mad cow.
Young Japanese Bull May Have Mad Cow Disease.
Two veterinarians face charges for BSE test sample switch.
IT'S A MAD WORLD ....Moooooooo!

SHAUN FOX said...

welcome back M.