Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jigsaw ...

This year is going to be a strange one, a turn in the road i think. once again ive been static here, yeh ive been busy, normal life routines just eating up the days, but i've found its just so easy to cycle through 24 hours and figure ... well nothing happened so what the hell do i post on.

truth is plenty has happened, i just havent been aware of it or ive been to busy / lazy to actually think about it, let alone snapshot my opinion on it. so lets waffle a bit. first off, how shocking is that banner and colour scheme, i feel so outdated already lol, time to spruce that up again into something new i think, just a little tweek here and there. shame that blogspot doesn't let you alter things down to the css level all that easy.

like ive mentioned before this year im looking to secure work in some form of fulltime design employment. whether that be a balance of freelance or full scale agency work. the funny thing is im working up my lost time at my current location until i take leave in July, so it almost feels like im employed full time anyway. its extremly daunting to think that i need to lose this security blanket to move on. some money vs no money vs a decent salary.

on other news, my closest friend lost his Mum to cancer over the week. a story i won't dwell on, but a mark of respect to be mentioned. we will all miss Bev and her kind hearted nature, Mark you should be proud to have had such a special person in your life. to your Dad, your brothers and you, i wish you all the best, condolences from my family.

moving on, whats this i hear about Heath Ledger being found dead today in his New York apartment? man ... is the world sucking at the moment or what. it just goes to show, behind the mask that we all saw in the public eye of a fun loving aussie, a young vagabond, he might of been on a downward spiral after a marriage breakup and birth of his first child. not to mention he had just wrapped filming on the new Batman film, being cast as the arch villain "The Joker". fitting? or not? it kinda reminds me of Brandon Lee's death after "The Crow". a truly bright spark that decided to burn out now rather than face the world. i can't help feel that he was just getting started? and that his latest role could have been the cornerstone of a new path for him. such a sad loss. for anyone not privy, check out the trailer to The Dark Knight, and witness how well he seems (at this early stage) to channel Alan Moore's vision of the killing joke.

see so i guess a bucket load is happening, i just need to clear the head a bit more. a focus will be on my leave break over July for a trip to the America's. and we are only 23 days in ... of 365, or is that 366, or should we rather follow the Mayan calendar ? a thought to dwell on. with all this going on, the stock market crash of yesterday, billions lost, millions to be made, the scales seem more unbalanced than ever. am i a crazy to continue to see the stupidity in the ever present urge for wealth and needless possessions? this path that everyone follows. buying into invisible promises of security and safety, stocks, bonds, property, health and wealth, cures and dreams. for what? i won't be a part of that puzzle. i hope i wont be apart of that puzzle. i think we all just need to take a moment and realise life is there to live. see you in Arizona Bay.


Cele said...

Very fitting words indeed.....
on the puzzle thing, well unfortunately you are already in it, it is called life :)
Just remember to stop and smell the roses along the way lol

SHAUN FOX said...

oh i'll be smelling come July.