Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Than The Smell ....

A snapshot in time. while its on my mind, ive been having these childhood flashbacks lately, no not the clear as day hollywood cut scene types, but just the "hammer over the head" kind that stop you dead in your tracks, and make you think of things you long forgot.

i mean weird stuff. like digging for antlions in the back yard when i was 6. hiding out in tree clippings, acting like a castaway on the tv survivor series. even remembering the army surplus canteen i used to fill with cordial, yeh ... weird stuff. sure theres been more, and all have been triggered by related events nowdays, but why suddenly flashbacks to childhood stuff? mmmm strange indeed. trouble is half of the time it smacks me over the head and then the next day ive forgotten the event, but i can remember .... remembering ... something. haha.

ok im not insane. not yet.

James Jean : Process Recess


Cele said...

Wow, I like the new look!! Very easy on the eyes!
All the flashbacks...... didn't you know that it called getting old he he.

SHAUN FOX said...

yeh did a bit of streamlining towards the current branding. the last look was getting a bit old.

yeh the flashbacks have been so weird, one on top of the other in a short time frame lol. must be the inner child speaking lol.

for the designers out there, remember the russian illustration student who cleaned house @ the 07 TAFE show? his poster remind you of anything? ideas are so hard to germinate. or are they?