Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shine on Benevolent Sun

Oven Baked.

What the hell is going on eh. seems we might hit the ol tri fector of 40 Degrees C, 3 days in a row. *sips of an ice cool ice tea mun*
the only relief is the 2 hours before sunrise ... no sun, but the air seems to have cooled down just enough to breathe, just enough to open the doors and windows.

is this normal? what happens when we reach 3 days of 50 Degrees C. cant happen? really? and is this natural. ive heard alot in the last month or two about all this climate change drama and now it seems "cool" to push a clean and green theme onto anything that consumes energy. Formula 1, V8 Supercars, Sunrise, Coolaid. .. its now fashionable to be concerned.

piss's me right off, we've known about these issues of global warming for decades, and yet nothings been done. A. Gore was campaigning for change back in the 80s. one wonders if he came into power in 2000? (not sure on the election year) if it would have sparked a resurge in awareness.

i'll pose this as a look at the other side of the glass. what if, this is all just a cycle. a natural cycle. what if we cant control it. theres evidence out there for it, and i'll post on it later. until then we're all frogs in this slowly boiling pot ....

Shine on Benevolent Sun


Miguel said...

So it won't matter then, if we are frogs that is, it will just be warm oblivion.
The answer is quite simple really, the planet can sustain one fifth of the present human population without oil. So if we exterminate four fifths of the worlds population we won’t need oil and there for global warming will no longer be a problem. Gore never suggested the easiest way of cutting pollution in his inspiring movie. STOP having babies reduce the polluters…….! Every new human starts polluting this planet immediately they are born each nappy, each time they consume food, each time they turn the TV on, a light switch, the washing machine.
Imagine……. I think there’s a song in there some where, no electricity, just think of how dependant we are on it. I don’t know any way of generating electricity for the present populations, without coal, nuclear power or oil? Do you?
Just turn the air con on bugger it…….:)

shaun said...

HAHA!, warms my heart :)
yeh we are quite the virus aren't we? top of the food chain, consuming all, whilst we slowly kill our host. makes me think the Illuminati arent all that bad ... hehe

i am optimistic though. i do believe there is working technology out there, non polluting and sustainable. i also believe such technology is currently hidden away under lock and key to keep our society marching to the same consumeristic beat as we have since the 1900s.

i like to think this technology will eventually seep out. radically change our way of life and bring us into a new way of living. can it be done before the water boils in the pot? yes i think so, im here for another 75 years. this place aint dieing on my watch :)

maybe 2012 will provide us with something. a realisation of how small we are in this universe and beyond, and spark a desperate need to discover why we are here in the first place.

Cele said...

Yeh ,didn't you know we are going to have one hell of a zap from the sun!..... :) and this is going to give us the energy we need. It's also going to kill the other three quateres of the population so we are not over populated anymore......... (I am surviving if you didn't get the gist!)

Cool pic's.