Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fahrenheit 203

Last couple of days ive noticed this has beamed into my room / studio / office / spider hole. it lasts a simple mere 4.75 mins. you blink too fast and its over. but when it hits its like the powers that be shine a mini supernova my way.

as i slave away on work its a reminder to get out once in a while. we forget how much we miss out there. these photos are of course looking towards the new hotel chains near Burswood in East Perth, across the Swan River. as the sun sets to the west it amazingly hits these giant glass towers to beam its remaining energy into my view. somehow im just at the precise angle that its reflected for me, without any diversions by the City centre behind me.

light finds a way....
back to the spider hole til easter.
posting continues as per usual. thankyou so much for your interactions and thought joustings. this is the purpose of this place. share and interact. thankyou.



Cele said...

Absolutely fantastic! Great shot's, it looks like the building is on fire..... very eery! That was to get you out side for a "breather"! Fabulous view.

shaun said...

its like this direct east west polarity. in the morning im roasted by the sun rising, and then on the opposite side their roasted as the sun sets.

its amazing when it happens, literally with 5 secs, the sun shifts in angle and it seems like someone just flicked a torch on beaming light into my room. then its mellowed in 4 minutes. hehe

wouldnt it be great to harness that power each day for these buildings? solar power panels to capture that perfect alignment. oh thats right ... that would cost money. lol.