Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Said Drugs Were Bad ?

Net of Being
by Alex Grey
Oil on linen

For several years, Alex Grey has been working on a major 7.5 foot by 15 foot painting called Net of Being. Related to Grey's series of painted and sculpted "universal beings" created since 1999, the Net of Being establishes a new order of infinite space composed of and continuous with infinite consciousness. A fiery web of eyes and galaxies form a realm of total interconnectedness in an x-y-z axis grid of Godheads, implying mirror-like inter-reflectivity throughout space. The viewer peers up into the necks of the next higher level of Godheads. The shared heart of each four-faced Quad God sheds an eerie underlight, as a ball of white light inside each head sources luminosity for a level above and beyond sight. Through light, the head and heart are merged in a mesh evocative of the mythic Jewel Net of Indra or Buddhafields from the Avatamsaka Sutra.

Adam Jones, the guitar and art wizard of TOOL saw Alex's early drawings for the Net of Being back in 2002, and he expressed a strong interest in the image at that time. Grey is extremely honored to have his painting grace the cover and interior of TOOL's historic package of their staggering new album, 10,000 Days.

Like "Net of Being," Grey's paintings typically start with a vision, which he turns into a pencil sketch and later a painting that can measure five feet by 10 feet.
"Something like a psychic FedEx just kind of gets inserted in your mind," Grey said.
The process can take six months to a year, and the visions are often inspired by experiences Grey has after taking psychedelic drugs. He said he has used LSD within the last year while working on a painting of the drug's creator Albert Hofmann.

The result is incredibly vivid and geometrically intricate work that centers on the human body, with visible sinews, organs or blood vessels and electric auras. The work has drawn a loyal following to Grey's work and made fans of musicians like Kurt Cobain and the members of Tool."After we're all gone and in 300 years or 500 years, Alex will be a master. He, right now, is a modern master to me," Jones said.




Cele said...

Different yes, but as an artist quite individual.As it should be.Some amazing art!

shaun said...

Amazing indeed. it rolls around to the old question ... what makes good or bad Art? i remember someone once saying Art is neither good nor bad, it is simply a case of emotional and communicative exchange.

if that painting makes you feel nothing, doesnt say anything to you ... then move on.

with all this media hype around the WC Eagles taking drugs etc this week ... here's a perfect example of a human who uses drugs in a controled way to pursue greater awarness. unaddicted, with success and a healthy family. lets remember we all drink beer or wine ... therefore (hate to burst ya bubble) we are all drug takers, so lets get off the "those players are bad people and deserve to be fined" bandwagon. switch the news on to whats really important in the world.

Miguel said...

I'm not a drug-hic-addict hic .......