Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Capilano Bridge : Taste of Nature

The only fine day out here in BC was our second day in, and we decided to hit the North Shore and Capilano, one of the closest locations to Vancouver, to get a taste of the mountains and the wildlife in BC. Capilano bridge was built in the 1800s and rebuilt over the last few years, and now acting as a tourist hub.

Built over a deep valley floor and river, crossing over to a forest, the parks board has built a series of tree top walks and boardwalks to allow the public to walk amongst the forest with minimal impact and erosion. Capilano bridge is basically half way up Grouse Mountain and is the perfect taste test to the country side, without having to hike for days into the wilderness. if you continue upwards you reach the peak of the mountain and a cablecar lift. we decided not to go onwards as the weather was beginning to turn sour again in the arvo. whilst up there, we saw eagles, trout and squirrels.


Mom said...

OH.... I love it I love it!:) Please bring it back for me, I can put it in my garden lol :) The totem pole looks awesome too.
Miguel is away for a week , gone up the coast for a break!

SHAUN FOX said...

Heya, sorry for the delays, all is great, just catchin up on the news, all will be updated by tomorrow, its 12:12 AM here now lol so i'd better sign off. glad your still reading on all of ya. more soon.


miguel said...

I'm back!......Looking good Muchacho.
Nice comment from Zhao, gives your blogg an international flavour.
Maybe you can do one from China next?

SHAUN FOX said...

Welcome back Mike, yeh things are wrapping up quickly now, all is still good. big news info to come in the next 24 hr posts.

later all.

Brendan said...

Heya Shaun,

Man those trees look awesome!! What an awesome scenery. Kinda makes the tree top walk down in the Karri Valley look puny... Beautiful wood sculpture too, are they done by traditional indians or are they just white man impersonations?

SHAUN FOX said...

Yeh absolutely, it dwarfed all the "tree top walks ive been on" but damn it was kinda hairy to cross that bridge, something i didnt mention in the post, it MOVED SO MUCH!!!! it was almost impossible to take shots on it, but i got there in the end. :)

Sculpture wise, yeh im pretty sure those are authentic Native American, Canadian Aboriginal carvings, they are kinda big on that here in terms of selling and presenting native culture and authentic works (at extreme high prices i might add).