Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jacobs creature ...

Are we closer than ever to capturing Bigfoot? this new string of images and information coming from Northwest Pennsylvania USA seems to say yes.

These images were obtained with a Bushnell trail camera in Northwest Pennsylvania on the evening of September 16, 2007 by R. Jacobs. Jacobs had placed the motion-sensing camera on a tree along a game trail in a remote forest area in order to photograph any deer that might be using the trail.

The area in the foreground was baited with a deer attractant mix and a mineral lick block. In the first image (the one with the bear cubs) the mineral lick block can be seen sitting on a large black plastic plate. One of the bear cubs is apparently licking or sniffing the mineral block.

Several minutes elapsed between the image of the bear cubs and the images showing the ape-like animal (see the time stamps in the lower right corner of the images).

The second image shows the ape-like animal from a rear-side angle, with its head obscured by its shoulders. In the third image the ape-like animal appears to be smelling the ground near where the deer attractant mix had been scattered. Several anthropologists and primate experts in the US and Canada are now looking at these photos. The ones who have offered initial impressions to the BFRO say the later two images do not show a bear, but rather a primate.

Could this be an acurate capture or another modern day Patterson Film. Either way its a change from all the news running around regarding 2008 Presidential races and invading 911 truthers. more on that one later.



Diego said...

i love this sort of stuff!
the unknown being shoved in our face
its a pity theres not more shots of the creature

its amazing how something unkown (im assuming) can go unnoticed for this length of time even in the woods!

lets just hope they dont try to catch it and 'examine' the poor thing =\

Cele said...

Excellent find! Fascinating as always, just love this stuff. Just a pity this kind of stuff doesn't make the news more often eh?

SHAUN FOX said...

damn you guys were quick on this one eh! lol. yeh i really dig these stories as well, its the whole thought of the unknown, there is still so much out there we havent yet begun to tap into.

when i read the headling to the article i thought ... oh yeh, another fuzzed out blob of a pic to "make into a bigfoot", then my eyes almost rolled out when i saw the images, i mean if that aint as close to bigfoot as we get ... well, only thing is this must definatly be a juvenille, as most reports say they are giant 7 to 8ft tall creatures.

Chewy! we're watching ya buddy.

Diego said...

hey buddy
some more rediculous propoganda for you to check out!
if this isnt the worlds worst propoganda push ive ever seen i dont know what to expect!!!! =\
seriously... idiot americans

SHAUN FOX said...

thanks mate, yeh i had heard about that 1 from the Alex Jones show. head shaking stuff .... and yet the mindless fall for that propaganda every single time. havent had time to blog of late, more coming soon.