Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Trap. BBC2

Just how Free are we?

According to Adam Curtis - we're not. In fact, he says that in an attempt to liberate us, Western governments have simply narrowed our choices and created a system where class and money means everything. In a series of three films, Curtis finds out how we got where we are today, and how our system of governance has led to chaos abroad. Be warned. These films may well change your life.

March 2007

To those of you who ive passed copies of Adam Curtis's previous work, The Power Of Nightmares (2004) Documentary, then you will know what to expect from his latest effort "The Trap". currently being viewed in 3 parts in the UK BBC2, im securing a copy as we speak. i intend to pass it on asap.

In the mean time have a read on the content if you wish. this one should be as much an eyeopener as his last documentary was. shame SBS only ran it in 2007, hope they can jump on this one sooner for more of an audience. keep digging everyone.





miguel said...

don Quijote, …..I have survived a monumental PC catastrophe, oh how I love Mr Gates, I waste more time on PC systems than I care to say. But I am back!!!!

Adam Curtis what can I say, please please a copy multo multo gracias.
I have seen almost all his documentaries, a most astute fact delver, Pandora's Box ,
The Living Dead, [The Party controls everything in Oceania, even the people's history and language, the implementation of Newspeak this was a scry documentary] 25 Million Pounds and The Way of the Flesh [she lives today as a cancer cell!]
I love how he uses archival footage to construct his exposays. Good find.

Received your DVD cache multo gracias, but I haven’t had time to see/hear anything yet as this PC problem has taken up my time…don’t dare tell me I need a Mac!!!!! :)

shaun said...


fear not the apple :) i'll show you one day how great these machines are Miguel. i run 3 macs and depend on them as working tools. no virus's no break downs, no jams, no blue screens of death. ....

The Trap, is coming your way. :) cant wait to watch it myself. agreed on Curtis's delivery and techniques are fantastic. Power of Nightmares was jaw dropping, this should really pull back the curtains.

take it easy Miguel. i'll sort you out with a Mac soon my friend :) you wont ever look back.


shaun said...

just finished burning this DOCO, will pass onto those who have requested it. enjoy and keep your eyes open and your thoughts flowing.


miguel said...

Muchisimas gracias don Quijote, I am looking forward with much anticipation. Thats another one I owe you.

Anonymous said...

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