Thursday, July 22, 2010

Preview Night SDCC

Wednesday. Preview Night. chilled wake up today, for what is officially the kickoff to Comic Con San Diego. i ran around the downtown area for a bit just to get a feel for the place again. so nice to see the city decked out for Comic Con. there is no doubting the economic importance of the spectacle down here. every restaurant or retail outlet must depend alot on this one week of madness. increased sales and all the profits and chaos that must ensue. never the less the feel of the place is just super nice, very much like Perth, only 20 years into the future.

While i remember, Marriot? yeh its all pretty sweet, super super location, but we're missing a fridge and no free wifi. wait. no friggin wifi at all, BIG MIDDLE FINGER UP for that one, oh and its $13 a DAY! if we want to access it in the room. im typing this and sending it from a Borders store in the downtown area (yeh Dad, ive been looking for your books but no luck yet) so Mark, i gotta say, apart from the close situ, Double Tree was still an ace hotel. hell ... Adigio was 100% better mate. my nose has lowered haha.

Now the madness. people lose their collective minds here. it starts out as a placid buildup but i can tell its going to blow up. scary how many large overweight middle aged men and women seem to be running around, struggling to carry forty bags of crap and have no intention of giving way for anyone else in their way to seeing a showing lol. kids ? here? few and far between actually. its mostly people in their 20s. just in the hotel lobby, i saw a 30 year old lady, dressed as Lisa Simpson, giving an interview whilst her sister screamed and took photos. haha. Trevor cracks up when i see some crazy American thing and start shaking my head. "We don't get this back home"

Its now the afternoon of Preview Night, and we've just picked up our badges for the convention. im in a mellow mood, and it seems theres a few things we can do afterwards. im in two minds now to either hit a movie or just explore the floor and get a good nights sleep. we know Hall H will be mad tomorrow so im thinking we tag team it to line up. might get out at 3am and get in line for Abby and Trev to tag me out at 6am, and then i can sleep a bit and come back refreshed with breakfast... yeh the show only starts at 10am :) but im also in two minds weather to check out Nikita or Moon. but you know, this is about the Floor and Comics, so i figure watching the flicks might just be a waste, knowing we'll be doing that all Thursday. alright im outa here. the next you'll hear from me will probably be in line tomorrow at Hall H for ..... .. .. TRON Legacy!


Mom said...

thanks for all the news and info, bugger about the Marriot Hotel with no fridge and no wifi!! Have fun Much love

SHAUN FOX said...

Thursday was awesome, so much to catch u up on... But the convention is literally 6am to 10pm filled with stuff and no free wifi round. More updates soon... Lotta fun, great ppl

Brendan said...

Dude where are the updates!?!?! Im hanging out for some more comiccon gossip! hahaha. Hope youre having a blast buddy, looks like a heck of a lot of fun over there.

Oh and spoke to Rich about catching up for a beer when you get back to hear about your exploits :)

Take it easy pal,

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