Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boston, The Sights And Sounds ...

Saturday we decided would be the only day we had to really hop into the city real quick, and scope out some of the sights and sounds. we kicked things off with a great breakfast at "Mr Crepes" with Trev and Emily. diving into a strawberry and sugar crepe before heading off to the subway system for a quick journey into the city center. gotta say, straight up, the subway is fantastic. really really easy to follow and navigate. i love a city that has great public transport, even for the lame tourist like me, who doesn't need to get lost in 6hrs. highly recommend traveling using the "T"

The next 5hrs were solely spent in the city itself, just exploring. We decided due to the heat, which was in the 30's, not to over do things, and just get a taste for what the city had to offer. I hit a Celtics store and then grabbed a City Tour trolley for a ride round with colorful commentary. that way we got to see alot, without walking too much, and it was hop on hop off, all day. passing through the city it was eyeopening to hear bits of history from the 1700's being dropped left right and center. would love to be here for two or more weeks soaking it all in, but alas, we only had a day. we ended up at the wharf and tucked into an awesome meal for lunch, consisting of scallops and a seafood medley at this great restaurant "Chart House". yeh we paid through our ass for it, but it was a great one off, and considering all the seafood around this eastern seaboard is about to be killed off with this oil disaster, we better tuck in while the gettin's good. i can't imagine what new hardship that will bring to the local industries and fishing communities round here. sad times aheaf d im afraid.

Leaving exhausted, we took one final train out to Fenway Park, the local home of the World Famous Boston Redsocks baseball team. there was a game on this week, but unfortunatly we didn't have tickets so we couldn't check it out, but i'd love to on the next round. the Park and surrounding community is sports driven, and fans flood the economy here with merchandise and food purchasers. much the same as Subiaco is home to a plethora of pubs and coffee houses near the West Coast Eagles ground. again it was a taste, not fully explored, but loved none the less.

Finally for the evening we headed out for a bite and drinks with Trev, Emily and friends of theirs. great night summers night out we we're could really relax and just mix and chill with some great folks. cheers to all that were there. many beers, pool and rounds of darts later, we exited having one of the best nights out since those TOOL shows.

Lastly, today was spent chilling out and seeing Mark off to the airport. he ducks out back home today and im officially off to Comic Con tomorrow for the nerd fest of the year. sad to see him exit, as i would of loved to have seen him stick around for the Con if at all possible. however he's gotta deal with work and the prospects of new beginnings back home, so bon voyage buddy. the three amigo's will carry the flag over in California :) thanks for the great times on this adventure this year mate as always. see you for BRMC when we're back.

Next Post: Comic Con San Diego


Mom said...

Hey Ya Shaun, sounds like a fun time was had by all, and full of interesting stuff. Watching for the next leg of blogging! Stay safe, much love

Chief said...

Hi Shaun, good to get back on the blog and see what you have been up to. sounds like you are having a great time with good freinds. keep the blog rolling.

Cya Chief.

SHAUN FOX said...

Well the final leg is the be all and end all. Comic Con. this was planned 12 months in advance, and I can't wait ...

seeyou all soon

Cerski said...

Really inspiring pictures. I'm a fan. One is set to my background on my desktop. My works only begining to go up, please have a look. :)

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